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Hello list. Forgive me for taking advantage of having this quick forum to pass on this info...


I know the young man the request is for. He is a great kid who is very active in scouts. He's currently working on finishing up his Eagle project. I know he is doing what he can to help his family and I believe he is quite embarassed to have people looking out for him, but thats what the Scout family does, right?!


Please take a minute to read the following. If you have any questions or comments please send them directly to me or Ray Aberle (listed below) rather than posting to the list.





----Original Message Follows----

From: Ray Aberle


Subject: A Scout Brother Needs Help NOW!

Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 00:23:25 -0700




As I write this, Brother Jeremy and his family are in a desperate financial

situation. Neither of his parents are working right now. They have missed

at least one cycle of payments for water, power, phone, and rent. Who knows how many more they will be able to miss before things start getting shut off.


Right now, Mrs. Kaiser has leads for a nursing job that she will be able to start this fall, after she is done with her current run of community college. However, that still leaves about two months where they are in serious trouble.


Jeremy has given much to our lodge (Sikhs Mox Lamonti 338). His trip to the National Jamboree this summer is causing financial strain upon his family, however, there is no chance of him backing out at this point and gaining a

full refund. (commitment was made before major financial problems set in & our contingent does not have a scout fund available)


Brothers, I write you now seeking help. I know that due to the Scouting commitments of many here, financial resources are limited. Many of you work summers at Fire Mountain (or other scout camps), and thus have little money

from that. How many of you, though, live with the knowledge that you have a roof over your head,and power, water, and a phone?


Right now, the Kaiser's don't have that luxury.


If you have even a few dollars to spare, and would be willing to assist the Kaisers in their time of need, I know that they would be very appreciative. Of course, this is not tax deductible in any way, nor can you expect to get

any of it back. You will, though, get the warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping our Lodge Activities VC able to work with us still. You help him attend Jamboree, and have a house still upon his return.


Jeremy's mailing address is:



19 217th Place SE

Bothell, WA 98021


If you would prefer to remain anonymous from Jeremy and his family, I ask that you send any donation to myself, and I will send it along to his family. My address is:


Ray Aberle

15021 78th Avenue NE

Kenmore, WA




For any who help the Kaisers in their time of need, I will be willing to give you a patch out of my personal collection. And yes, I will make sure I grab valuable ones. Just ask for a patch when you send your donation.


On that same token, if you would prefer to get something physical in exchange, please let me know. I am willing to sell any and all of my patches in order to help Jeremy and his family. To me, they are just pieces of cloth, but to Jeremy and his family, it might mean keeping them housed for the month.


Once again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I don't usually send requests like this, as you all should know, but I feel that the need is great and the risks are greater. Jeremy knows that I am going to do something to help, but he doesn't know what.


Please, help one of our brothers in need. Also, please pass this message along in its entirety to anyone whom I might have missed.


Yours in the Spirit of Service towards Others,


Ray Aberle



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