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Patrol Patches

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Take a look in the Scout catalog. There is an order form for special patrol badges. You just can't use trademark images without permission. So no, Snoopy Patrol or Sponge Bob Patrol.


There is also a blank patrol patch. You can embroider or iron-on your own design that way as well.


Finally, there are some websites that sell spoof patches. They may have a patrol patches that would interest you. Try googling spoof patrol patch. One such site is www.boyscoutstore.com. They have lots of patches. Many of them are the classic red with black thread, as well as full color and the current tan design.


I don't know if there are any guidelines on using "non-BSA" patrol medallions, so check with your SM before ordering anything.


Encourage the patrols' creativity, but help them show Scout Spirit in their name choice.

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I'm helping my son out right now by doing some googling for him. They picked the name "fighting worms" for their patrol without thinking about what they would like to use for an emblem. Anybody even know what fighting worms might look like?

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One of the scouts was looking over the page of patrol emblems from the other side of the table, pointed at the upside down moose patch (it is done in green thread) and asked "what is that? a head of lettuce?", and so was born the "Lettuce" patrol!


Their yell you ask?


"Let us, Let us, Beet you!"


I still get a chuckle every time I see their uniform with the upside down moose patch.




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