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Oh the Pain II, The prequel.

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I staffed a Webelos event last weekend. It was about 200 kids and the same number of adults. The chairmen of the event wanted to make sure that the staffers, adults & boys, were visible to the participants so he got us all some really neat hats to wear.


He shouldnt have bothered. What a motley looking bunch of people. We, the staff, were clearly visible as the only ones in a proper uniform. Not more than 25% of the kids had on a full uniform. Of the parents, probably 20% of them were leaders and almost none of them were in a proper uniform. I couldnt tell who looked sloppier, the kids or the parents. Its no wonder FOG saw what he did at the BS event he attended.


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I was working a Jamboree recruiting table at a council event this past weekend that had over 1600 campers in attendance. I spied one adult leader in a get up you would never imagine. This guy was at least 6'5". He had on one of those fleece skull caps like the snowboarders wear. It was red with some sort of yellow design. He had on fleece shorts that were red, yellow, green and blue in some sort of wild tropical design. He had on high top hiking boots and an official red jac-shirt with patches all over it. He was a sight to behold. I elbowed my recruiting partner and told him I just found the new official BSA uniform. It got a good laugh out of him. He did look pretty rugged....in a colorful sort of way.

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