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PLC Uniforms

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I wear my uniform (as a SM) to all PLC meetings. The SAs and boys usually do not. I don't make abig deal out of it. I wear my uniform ALWAYS when acting as a Unit Commissioner. I rarely wear my uniform at Scoutmaster meetings (no youths present, not held during troop meetings). I always wear my uniform at roundtable.


One of my pet peeves is not the issue of wearing or not wearing the uniform but when wearing the uniform, WEAR IT CORRECTLY.


I found this on the Iternet and found it iteresting concerning uniforms (from Barry Runnels):


There are some clear signs of when adults are over-involved in running the troop. {one of the signs =>} All scouts are dressed perfectly. While I am sure there are some good boy run Troops with all the scouts in perfect uniform, I have not met one yet. I am using the uniform as an example here, but it can be anything where adults force the scouts to conform as a group when the scouts don't understand. From the adults perspective, a boy run program is where each scout is guided individually, not as a group. What we adults need to understand is that every boy growing up questions the logic of many things that don't make sense to him, especially at this age. A scout may rebel against the norm to force some kind of response because they he doesn't know any other way. Adults in boy run programs should not force a scout back to the norm, but instead guide his understanding of the situation so that he voluntarily changes. Usually when we understand a logical purpose for anything, we voluntarily conform to it. If the reason for the situation is not logical, then maybe it's time for the adults to consider change. I have always challenged my PLCs that if I can't identify how a part of our program helps build better habits and character, I will throw it out. Only pride could get in the way of making changes. It's the scouts program, they should be allowed to ask questions. The troop should be a safe place to do that.



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