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I, ve noticed some scouts, and scouters for that matter wearing patches that are not sewn on the shirt and hang by a loop,I myself have a plastic holder and will wear patches like that , where do they get those patches made at, are they local, or BSA, I think it is a good idea, then you can change one patch for another one, I usually wear camporee, and klondike derby patches like that. In the plastic hanger device.Are some of these patches collectible. Who would have more infornmation about them ?

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The button loops and plastic sleeves are appropriate for the temporary patches worn on the right pocket. They certainly make it much easier to display a variety of patches (which I like to do) or to change your temporary patch when you receive a new on.


Temporary patches are absolutely collectible, although I would say they are generally less so than OA flaps or CSPs, for example. The button loops and sleeves don't really have anything to do with the collectability of a patch, although the sleeves are a good way to protect a valuable patch if you want to wear it.

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