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Some of the councils listed no longer exist. The patches are out there, but may be harder to find. The merged/closed councils are: Boston(merged to Boston Minuteman), Cambridge, Greater Boston, Greater Lowell, Mass Bay Federated Minuteman (merged to Boston Minuteman), Moby Dick (merged into Narragansett), Monadnock, North bay, North Essex, Norumbega, and Lone Tree. For some I included merger info. The councils in Mass are: Boston Minuteman, Cape Cod and Islands, Knox Trail, Pioneer Valley, Yankee Clipper, Old Colony, Mohegan, Nashua Valley, Annawon, Narragansett, and Great Trails. If you are interested in 1for1 trades, I can get you some of the Mass. CSPs...if you still need/want them.

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You list Santa Lucia Area Council, but not Mission Council nor Los Padres. All three are California Councils, BUT here's your history lesson.


10 years ago Mission and Santa Lucia merged and became Los Padres. If you want Los Padres CSP let me know @ ljohnson_ag@charter.net. I'm happy to get you one, no one I know is willing to give up their Santa Lucia's or their Mission's since we all know there won't be more.



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