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I am looking for a good company to make a quality patch. This is a well designed patch. I want a company capable of making a patch of the quality found on fine OA flaps. Any personal experience?

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I've dealt with several. Here are my opinions:


RE PATCH PLACE. Our Troop has a unique patch which we use on our neckerchiefs. The patch was last printed in 1996 and was very well done by this company. However, in past several months we have been working to get new order made along with anniversary tabs for the patch. The company has changed hands or employees or something and we've had some real communication problems and delays. Get in touch with me in 2 weeks and I'll let you know how they did this time. They use a chinese manufacturer without telling you in advance that they are ordering overseas.


The Patch Place 909-947-3023

P.O. Box 2648 fax 909-923-8623

Chino, CA 91708



RE G&J. We used this company to make a unit three-numeral patch with the unit's number of years of service (gold bar) printed as part of the red numeral patch. They were very responsive and quick and pricing was good.


G&J Patch & Pin

8974 Jasmine Lane, South

Cottage Grove, MN 55016




RE WELCH. I have used this company to make about 4 patches for both boy scouts and girl scouts. They have always done really fantastic job of working up the artwork based on either my extremely amateurish art, or even upon a description of what we wanted. We even had them make up a unique patrol patch for one of our patrols that had some imagination and it came out indistinguishable from BSA issue. Prices good. This company represents that they manufacture in US, and I have no reason to disbelieve them.


Welsh Industries Ltd. 815-756-1111

2201 Sycamore Road fax 815 756-1224

Dekalb, IL 60115



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Hi All:


I've had good success with the Krelman Company of Pueblo, Colorado. Some of their work is done in Tiawan, some in CO. They have great stock patches available at http://www.krelman.com.


The MacScouter has a great listing of resources at http://www.macscouter.com/Embroidery/index.html.


Any of the vendors who advertise in the Scouting magazine are also reputable companies, and will work well for you.


Keep on Scoutin' ora

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so, here at long last is latest report on Patch Place. They did do our 40th anniversary patch, and it came out fine. But I have several more gray hairs than I did when I started with them. For instance, before I made an order they went ahead and ordered manufacture based on our initial conversations. Luckily we didn't have any more changes or need a different number or there would have been a real train wreck. My impression is that their sales force is new/inexperienced and having a lot of trouble getting up to speed. Still manufacturing in china and points east w/o warning that they do so.


On another note, we just had a great run of a camporee patch by Welsh Industries. They were great, no problems, great artwork and rework and delivered on time and on budget. Highly recommend them.



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