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To all you new CSP patch Collectors KoreaScouter was wondering how to store and Display the CSPs. I highly encourage you to spend a little extra money and buy the CSP Display sheet that are available through your various Scout shops. I don't have the catalogue number on hand but can get it if people want it. You can store up to six patches per page and they fit nicely. The pages are normal 81/2 x 11 so they will fit with the MB card pages as well.


To KoreaScouter, I too am interested in a Far East Council and will trade you a Transatlantic Council (Europe & North Africa) if you don't have one. You can Email me at Caberney@yahoo.com. To all others I am currently in Central Georgia Council if you need this one. It's blue with a picture of a fort on it. Let me know if you are interested




Chris Faust

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