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  1. As this is a posting for Camp Benjamin Hawkins, I will stay on thread and say, Yes I have been there too. It is a great camp and the Camp Program Director does a great job providing an outdoors scouting adventure for the scouts and leaders. Yes the roads are sandy and not always passible but then the Camp is well designed and Auto Traffic shouldn't be necessary except to bring the scouts in and take them out. They have a handicap campsite available and have the facilities centered around the main activity area and the waterfront. Areas like COPE and the rifle ranges are back far enough that they seem isolated and safe from scouts accidently beign where they aren't suppose to be. I have been to several Camps in several countries and as Camps go Benjamin Hawkins is a perfect scout camp that allows boys the freedom to try new things, face fears (real and imaginary) and develops a sense of accomplishment after surviving a week without Mom or Dad. Off subject, as far as AC at Camp, are you serious? I can spend a month at camp in the great outdoors and not have near the problems I have when exposed to AC in the summer. Most people keep theirs too cold and don't realize that it is the constant change in temperature that causes a COLD in the first place. Yeah, the humidity I could probably do without, but I have learn that I become stronger and can face more when I overcome small things like that. After all what are we trying to teach these boys. How to "be prepared" for anything. The weather will always be a factor. What do you do when it's 100% humidity and raining. Wait till the rain stops to go camping? Think about it, if you are willing to step up and change things and be part of the solution then you are moving forward. If you are willing to go somewhere else you are letting others (environment, people, whatever) make decisions for you. If you don't do anything you are probably getting left behind. Me, I want to teach the boys to be leaders and that means encourage them to take option 1 even if it isn't always the EASIEST, the most COMFORTABLE, or the NICEST STUFF. They will grow more inside and out. Well, that's my two cents and probably all it's worth See ya'll round the campfire YIS
  2. To all you new CSP patch Collectors KoreaScouter was wondering how to store and Display the CSPs. I highly encourage you to spend a little extra money and buy the CSP Display sheet that are available through your various Scout shops. I don't have the catalogue number on hand but can get it if people want it. You can store up to six patches per page and they fit nicely. The pages are normal 81/2 x 11 so they will fit with the MB card pages as well. To KoreaScouter, I too am interested in a Far East Council and will trade you a Transatlantic Council (Europe & North Africa) if you don't have one. You can Email me at Caberney@yahoo.com. To all others I am currently in Central Georgia Council if you need this one. It's blue with a picture of a fort on it. Let me know if you are interested YIS Chris Faust
  3. I have aquired an old Cub Scout shirt that has the metal buttons that are held on by metal rings. It also has blue and gold Pack numbers. I don't have a clue what period the shirt is from but I know it predate the early 70's because it had a red felt wolf or bear patch. The shirt is not in the best condition, and the patch was out of place. Could this help? Sorry, I only have a shirt. you can reply to me off line at caberney@yahoo.com.
  4. No, And I will tell you why. For the boys, the CSPs that are currently available if each council has only one. Makes it a worth while endeavor as is. I understand and even support the need for special event patches as well. National & World Jamborees, etc. But to have several patches from one area just because that area has numerous things to show some how defeats the purpose of the Uniform. In fact, I would rather see District Patches than several different CSPs for the same caouncil. The only people who benefit from this are the Collectors and Patchmakers. I support the councils that may change their CSPs every few years to encourage the boys to design the patch. There is a definate benefit for the boys. But I also know of coucils that keep the same CSP for decades. Bottom line, what's the purpose? Does it improve the program, boy(s) or future. If not, why do it? Of course these are just my own person opinions and I'm sure I may seem conservative to most. So, if you agree or disagree feel free to say why.
  5. I am very interested in Trading Patches with anyone. You can contact me via Email caberney@yahoo.com with your address and I will contact you about where to send patches. I got really interested in the International scout aspect when I was in England for three years. So far I have patches from 6 countries and have a Cubbie, cub scout mascot, that I send to units all over the world. This fall he will be crossing Canada to learn about their Wolf Cub Scout program. You can find out more about Ted by visiting his website at http://host.scouter.com/ny/caberney. Yours in Scouting Chris Faust
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