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Blue and Gold Banquet

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I need to find ideas on how to decorate for the Blue and Gold. We have been involved in Cub Scouts for 3 years now, and my husband just took over as Cub Master. I would like to make this year a memorable one.

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It depends on what your theme will be. It will not help to suggest paper plam trees for the "Aloha" theme if you are going with a Pirate theme!


One thing we do is have each den make 2 or 3 table centerpieces based on what our theme is. That helps a lot and gets the boys involved.


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My wife took over the decorating at our Blue-Gold banquets when I became cubmaster (4 years ago), and she's had some great ideas. That she's a preschool / elementary teacher helps. The important thing is to decide your theme, and use that as a starting point.


We have used the themes provided.

For this year (2007 - Aloha Cub Scouts) we are borrowing some tropical tree and wall pictures from our chartered organzation. Centerpieces will be a pineapple and coconut with some shells on Blue and Gold paper. (We're going to give the pineapples to our registered leaders and raffle the coconuts). We also found a beanie baby that has a lei and grass skirt. I paid for those out of my own pocket and I'm going to give them to the mothers of my Webelos 2 den.


The other thing I've done is printed the opening prayer onto small cards and scattered them around on the tables. Much closer for everyone to see instead of a big piece of paper taped to the wall.


For the diamond jubilee we made Diamond Mines. (the Wolf den crumpled paper to form a cave, and then glued plastic gems to it. We also made picks from foil and tooth picks)


If you're doing a Mexican / Spanish theme - you can make sombreros out of styrofoam cups. Color them with marker, put them (open side down) on a cookie sheet and bake them for about 15 seconds at 350. (I think - you need to test and adjust). They look really cool.




What theme are you using? I'm sure many here would have some great ideas for your.


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I found large tubes at an recycling company, and each boy is making his own tiki/Easter Island head (aka Sqidward's house).


I bought yet an even bigger tube for the Wolves to make a palm tree. (It's a prop in their skit & for wolf elective)


I'm getting a beach backdrop (google Scene Setters or Insta Theme).


And I'm making this http://www.stumpsprom.com/catalog.cfm?caid=774221


The also have a good idea for a waterfall http://www.stumpsprom.com/catalog.cfm?caid=774172

I'd use some thin sheer material, and a fan to make it move.


I'm bringing a beach chair from home.


Ceremonial table will have a large tiki on it, a green plastic table skirt (dollar store) cut into strips, and a bamboo beach mat (dollar store) on the top.


Dens are mostly responsible for decorating their tables, but the pack is providing a photocopied placemat 10x17 with puzzles and facts about Hawaii on both sides.


Pack also purchased leis for everyone (cheap ones).


The Wolves are also decorating themselves. We're taking cinch-type garbage bags, cutting off the bottom, and then cutting them into strips.


They are also making leis our of tissue paper, straws, and flowers.


Be careful with your use of flowers. The wolves were a bit disgusted with them.


Party City has a ton of stuff in the store. Some of it can be mad much cheaper. The online selection is not good.

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