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Award display for Webelos

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I am getting ready to cross my Webelos to boy scouts in November early

Dec. Does anyone have a website they know about to get ideas on a

display for their patches and awards they have earned over the years.

I have 2 boys in my den that have been in scouts since tigers I would

like to do something special for them. Any ideas???? Also any ideas on

a cross over ceremony. We are looking for something really special

that they will remember forever. Any help would be greatly

appreciated. Thanks so much.

Melissa Gilliam

Pack 33

Staunton, IL

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The last link in the above post is similar to what we have done in the past. We had the parents of the Scout put all of their patches, neckerchiefs, Webelos pins, belt loops, special camp patches, etc. in the frame. These were then displayed at the Blue and Gold (where they crossed over) and presented by the parents to the scout before crossing over. It was a great reminder of what the boys earned, and by having the parent do it, it really made it personal! When the parents presented the boards, it was a very emotional time as we realized that our boys were growing up!

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We were looking for the same thing last year but were not happy with any price or quality of anything branded for Scouts. Either the prices were high or the product was flimsy. Some things online looked nice but the prices and shipping charges put us off and they didn't seem big enough anyway.


So we went to a local Michaels and found a bigger size shadow box used for jerseys. We lined the inside with a yellow and blue cloth on top of cardboard.


We then printed out a larger cub logo on photo paper. Using straight all the patches were attached. Belt loops were hotglued and the other pins were pushed into the carboard.


We did these as a den but each boys box was unique because not everybody earned the same stuff.


The boxes turned our really nice. We saved quite a bit using a Michaels 40% coupon that the store applied to the whole order instead of one item.


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