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code of conduct

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Hi all :)


I am a new leader and will be holding my first meeting in a couple weeks. I wanted to do some sort of code of conduct at this meeting so that I can try to set the tone and so the scouts know what to expect.


Are there any ideas out there for this or maybe a code of conduct that has been used before?


We are Webelos 1, 7 boys


Thank you!


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As Webelos, I would have them read aloud the Cub Scout Promise, the Boy Scout Oath and the Boy Scout Law...then I would ask them to come up with their own rules for conduct. Their maturity in this area may surprise you.


EIKY'mon will be along shortly to explain the candle idea.(This message has been edited by SemperParatus)

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Semper dude, you kill me.


For Webelos, I wouldn't recommend the candle route. I think they're beyond that. I would recommend doing EXACTLY as you suggest.


(But if you want to know about conduct candles, I'll be happy to tell you more).

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Oh well, here you go. You get a candle. Not a little one, but one that will burn for several hours. At the beginning of every meeting you light it. Refer to it as the spirit of scouting. When their behavior gets bad, you blow out the candle.


When the candle burns to the bottom, they get a treat. When we had Cubs, we would to a pizza party or some kind of special trip. The peer pressure to behave is enormous on the boys. Especially when it's the same one or two causing the problem.


One of the age-old debates is whether to relight the conduct candle during the same meeting. (I understand Lord Baden-Powell and Ernest Thomas Seton used to debate this at great length over a cup of cocoa and s'mores). The fear is that if you don't relight it, the boys have nothing to lose, so they'll be totally out of control (this was Seton's point of view). We followed the recommendations of the Powell-Seton Compromise, which was settled at the First International Scouter's Roundtable. The compromise was to set a time limit for relighting the candle. This way, the candle would remain out for ## minutes after the last behavior issue. If they act up again, the clock restarts.

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