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Webelos II Advancements

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Cindy, welcome!


Webelos is actually an 18-month program, and the first-year or fourth-grade Webelos are often referred to as Webelos I and the second-year or fifth-grade Webelos as Webelos II. There is one Webelos handbook, and in a nutshell, if a boy is new to Cub Scouts as a Webelos, the very first thing he needs to do is earn Bobcat. Then he may work on activity badges, which are detailed in the handbook. I'm assuming that you are referring to a fifth-grade Webelos? If so, if he has a goal of earning Arrow of Light, those requirements are also in the handbook. The next step in Scouting would be for him to join a Boy Scout Troop.


Are you a den leader or other adult leader? Or are you a parent trying to help your son? More questions from you would help us to guide you. Webelos is a lot of fun, my favorite year of Cub Scouting, and many here will have help and ideas for you.

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Welcome to Scouting and this forum!!


Typically, Webelos I boys are in 4th grade and work toward the Webelos badge of rank. Webelos II boys are in 5th grade and work toward the Arrow of Light badge of rank.


Let me clarify that any boy who meets the age/grade requirements can join a BOY Scout troop. They don't have to have been in Cub Scouts, nor do they have to have earned any type of Cub Scout rank.


All the requirements are listed in the Webelos Handbook.


Webelos Badge: Though I won't cover the details here, basically they need to learn about the Webelos badge & uniform, learn the Boy Scout salute, sign, handshake, oath, law, motto, and slogan, and the Outdoor Code. They also have to complete three activity badges: Citizen, Fitness, and one other.


Arrow of Light: Again, I won't list everything, but basically they have to complete the Webelos badge, show knowledge of requirements to become a Boy Scout (oath, law, motto, slogan, ...), earn five additional activity badges (must include Readyman & Outdoorsman), visit a Boy Scout troop meeting & outdoor activity, and partcipate in a Webelos overnight campout or day hike.


A common question is "Can a boy who is starting Cub Scouts in 5th grade earn his Arrow of Light?". The most common answer is "It is possible, but so difficult that it might not be considered a reasonable expectation. It might be best for the boy to focus on earning his Webelos badge."


A good on-line source for this information is at http://www.geocities.com/~pack215/home.html


Look for the link called "The Virtual Requirements Guide."

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