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Who is responsible?

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In your situation what I as a Den leader would of expected is a note from you as the parent stating what was done and I would of signed off in the book. I know this is a minor difference and may seem to be a extra step, but what I need to be teaching the Scouts is to take responsiblity for getting their requirements taken care of. So in your situation what happened is the following:

1. You showed your son how to do something

2. Your son did the item

3. You signed off in his book

4. He showed his book to the Den leader

In my case what would of happened is the following

1. You showed your son how to do something

2. Your son did the item

3. You wrote a note stating what was done

4. He showed me the note and I reviewed it with him

5. I signed off on the item


As I said it is minor difference, but it is to get the Scout started in thinking in a different way about how he handles and thinks about requirements getting done. I am also not saying that what the Den Leader did was wrong, as the leader we have the option on what we except as proof that a requirement was done outside of a meeting.

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