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reprint of original handbook for boys????????

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When I say "original", I mean the original by Lord Baden-Powell himself. I don't want the original just a reprint. I have tried contacting the British Scout Base and had no luck so far. I even tried searching amazon and and other online book stores. Does a reprint even exist? The reprint I have or the original BSA handbook has exerts from it so I imagine it must have some different contents than ours. I am not a collector, I just find it useful for our troop to do things the old fashioned way sometimes. There seems to be such a wealth of knowledge lost in the newer handbooks.


Also are there any other reprints available for BSA handbooks, other than the 1911 reprint sold in the scout catalog. I am afraid that someday i will ruin an original "1940" handbook I regularly take on outings.


Wouldn't it be nice if the new books would fit in your pocket like the old ones????

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Found it! Just keep reading.

The original book on Scouting was called "Scouting for Boys" and was originally published in installments in 1908. This is an excellent site with loads of info about BP


These guys have a pretty good bookstore of scout stuff and a link to a 1992 reprint of Scouting for Boys by BP. They link you to the product page at Amazon.com, who'd a thunk!


Seek and ye shall find.

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Thanks again Mike, I used the software you suggested to do a search and was surprised to find it right away, mattter of fact it should be here tomorrow.


What area of the states are you in? I would enjoy swapping ideas and stories at a camporee sometime. Any thoughts on uniforms and alternatives to official shirts and such.

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Sweet. Glad to help.

I'm in NORTH Florida, Atlantic Beach to be exact which is part of Jacksonville.

Ya know, it would be cool if we could get Troops to come together and host each other at campouts in each others area. It would be a great exchange of experiences especially for boys that don't get to travel much. Sounds like a post for a new forum. BTW, where are you?

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