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best way of disiplin

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I was woundering what some ideals for disiplin are. I curently am using a "disiplin jar." Which in theary works very well. The only unforseen problem was the boys are liking the idea to much. The idea is the everytime the boys did something against there rules I could charge them a quarter. It works,but the problem is some of the boys want to donate even if there not bad. Is donating a good idea? I should say all money raised is going to a local chairety, and the boys know it.

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The size of your group has a little to do with how you handle discipline, but generally you handle it the same way...plan your meetings, keep them well organized and moving along. There will always be a time when the boys get loud or a bit unruly. If it's a Pack meeting, insist that the boys (and siblings) sit with their parents. That's a huge help. If it's a den meeting with active boys and no other parents, be creative with active activities first, letting them burn off some energy, but then be organized with your meeting, be hands-on active, and keep it moving. Make sure the boys know what the raised Cub Scout sign means and utilize it when needed. Don't say anything or shout "sign's up". Just wait for them. They will eventually get the picture. And as far as the quarter jar, whatever's in there, give to charity, then throw away the jar.

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