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Junior Leader Training

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[Note from Editor: I accidently deleted this thread. I am reposting it along with the reply.]



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Junior Leader Training

Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2000: 7:40:54 AM


I'm an ASM in a Troop of almost 50 boys. We're entering our 3rd year of having a JLT course which we hold from October through early june. We meet and have classes at a regular meeting once a month and (we camp every month as well) we also hold a class on both Fri. & Sat. at camp throughout the year. It ends with a very elaborate JLT graduation weekend in early June. I was just wondering if there are other Troops out there doing an elaborate Junior Leader Training course and possible a 'fresh' exchange of ideas





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RE: Junior Leader Training

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2000: 4:47:58 PM


You might be able to obtain some new ideas for the course by searching through the Council JLT Course Guide. National updates the course about once every three years (if I remember correctly), and ity is a valuable resource that you might be able to use in the Troop JLT sessions as well.


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