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Hi all,


I run the Troop 214 website at http://shoutingrock.org/troop214/


I am interested in making this site usefull for all scouts and scouters on the net. I need to add another section that would be useful for you. Can you think of anything that has not been overdone? Cookbooks, knots, leader forms, etc are out.


Thanks for your suggestions.

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How about comments on really neat things you and your scouts have found in their summer camp experiences? ie:Our Troop went to Arkansas this year and found a really exciting OA tap-out experience. By discribing this entire event, not only would other Troops find out about that particular summer camp but also information OA mambers could take back to their "ailing" enclave.


Or, how about pictures and discriptions of how to make really neat camp equipment - maybe something from the past that came from a really old Scout Book or Scout Magazine?

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