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  1. I'm a life scout that has received the Pioneering merit badge. I suggest you get that book it is really helpful and will turn knot haters into knot lovers. It did to me. I love tying knots now
  2. Does anyone know where i can go to meet other scouts from all over the world. So we can write to each other. Do you know if there is a website where scouts can meet. let me know on this board thank you.
  3. I'm with your son I have a bugle, but i can't learn how to play it i've consulted many books but still no help. If any one knows how to get started please let me know.
  4. Does anyone know how much a 1928 6th edition scout book costs? I recently bought one at a scout Antique show and paid $25 for it.(This message has been edited by scouttonyusa)
  5. If your unit has a website submit it to our Troop 1151 Scouting Website Award. Please visit http://troop1151.homestead.com/mainpage.html Click on Troop 1151 Website Award link it will take you to the page. If you win this award you will get an award to put on your site. Thank you for your time. please visit the site for more info
  6. I'm a scout and i get made fun of cause i'm in scouts one thing these losers don't understand is. Its ok to play sports but when you get farther on in life where is that sports going to get you absolutely nowhere where as the skills you learn in scouting will always stay with. Plus if you are an Eagle Scout Thats going to get you a scholarship but sports unless your really really good, and most of the kids that tease are sports kids that when they get farther on and sports gets them nowhere then they will hope that they went the way that "loser" went and now is having a good education.
  7. A scout only links page we did it on our site and it has worked out on our site. It is a highly visited part of our site. Go check ours out at http://troop1151.homestead.com/mainpage.html
  8. Does your troop have a website if so would you like to join our links page if so please visit http://troop1151.homestead.com/mainpage.html and fill out the form on the main page. also please sign our guestbook Thank You
  9. I've also noticed it is mostly younger scouts acting like they are cool just to fit in with the troop. Is this so in your troop?
  10. I'm a scout. Thats the scary pART YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD WANT THEM TO BE EASY BUT after awhile it gets boring. I mean if you do any pre reqs, its a waste of time cause all that hard work went to waste. I mean if you go to summer camp to learn something not to have a merit badge given to you because they just feel nice that week.
  11. In our troop if we have a problem with scouts during the day we take them on a midnight hike. Except an adult leader will drive behind them in the heated car while they walk outside. This seems to help alot becaus e, the scouts are now extremely mad. You can now settle them down really fast.
  12. Is it just me or are the req. at summer camps for merit badges easier than any where else. The counselors just sign them off when you didn't finish doing all the work.
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