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  1. In South Africa we have similar problems. Any form of physical hitting is construed as abuse and here if one is witness to it they have to report it, even once. if not they are liable for disciplinery. we have to take strong lines due to past transgressions. parents camping we hugely discourage, it doesnt give the boys or girls a chance to expand and be themselves. children behave a certain way infront of parents and another way when folks are not there. be firm and polite and explain when planning for an outing drop off is this time non-participants leave this time and collection is this time. if they want to see how things are going they contact you, all cellphones and such are handed in. and the spirit of patrols and sixes is lost if each person sleeps elsewhere. most of the bonding between the guys is done in the tent after lights out when the adults go to bed, what a shame to deny this. if you feel your cm (i assume you are saying Cub Master) is not performing then take the initiative. the unfortunate thing in scouting is once they have passed the age requirements then one cant go back to complete awards. our programmes are balanced between games and activities and everything is geared toward advancment. there are many games out there that can be used. people like to see action and if you dont like an under acheiver dont be one. by saying the cm is happy where he is then it says he cant be bothered to put the effort in. we spend two hours a week runnin our programmes and around six a week planning and preparing for them. it is a big task but the rewards are enourmous. what ever we do though is always done in the light of fun etc. hope it helps from a different perspective
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    Hey to all from sunny durban south africa just to say a big howdy, i have been part of scouting most of my life and have acheived the top award for cubs, scouts and rovers. looking to make new freinds from around the world and to learn how things are done in other countries
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