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  1. Your Scouts had a positive feedback from the Flag Ceremony because they were doing a community service for their country. Adults like to know that even young people today can and know how to respect the flag of our country.

    My Scouts make me proud too because of their respect and dignity for the flag and our country.

  2. Dear Scouters,

    Thank you for all your help and suggestions. A good Troop Committee is not formed overnight, it will have it's ups and downs.

    Our Committee Chair was at out Rountable last night an had a real eye opener about the people that work behind the scences. I will try to get someone involved in the TC that has Troop experience but is not tied to the Troop with a Scout. Again, Thank You.

  3. when I need support they argue about why and....they are not the ones fighting the aligators in the swamp....they sit home in their controlled climate. For instance, i wanted the secetary to mail home the calendar to the parents and they complained about the postage....why do the Scouts pay dues every week for? The members that did not want the mailing are the ones sitting in the back of the meeting making sure their scout knows everything that is going on and they are the ones that are doing all the advancing in the Troop. They are crazy about merit badges and it seems like a race to see who can get the most. I try to make sure all the Troop gets the information for the activities to have a more sucessful program but they think it is not needed. I just had a parent make a copy of the upcoming Camporee Leaders Guide without even asking me because they did not want their Scout missing out on anything. I found that out later from the SPL because he had the copy to tell the Troop about the Camporee.

    Do you think some of the parents are control freaks?

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