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  1. What do you do when a den leader will not attend leader meetings and will not tell you why? How do you handle a situation where a den leader clearly has a problem with his fellow pack leaders for some unknown reason, and has decided that he will work with the boys in the den, but not be on the same page as the rest of the pack? One of the reasons this bothers me so much is that my son is in his den, and I'm an Assistant Cubmaster, and I would be more than willing to take the den over, but he doesn't seem to want to give it up. He just won't cooperate with the programs we've set up for the
  2. Thanks so much for your responses. Eagle92, it's helpful to know that the District Patch isn't necessary, and it's also good information about the button. click23, thanks for digging through the books for me. Seems pretty clear to me.
  3. I have searched through threads trying to find the answer to this question in hopes that I didn't have to ask publicly, but no luck.... I just went and picked up a uniform and all its works and discovered when I got home that there was no district patch. I called the shop and asked if I'd forgotten it, and was told that I was intentionally not sold one because of where it would be positioned - I am a female.... Is it standard for women not to wear a district patch because it would be placed on their chest? She also told me that I should sew down the front pockets as to not draw att
  4. Thanks so much for the welcome. Aaron (my husband) will probably lurk here a bit, but he's not big on message boards. He thought joining here was a great idea. I went through all the Cub Scout posts yesterday. I didn't want to ask a question that's already been answered 20 times. Of course I have marshmallows! I've "Be[en] Prepared" for 7 years! I also have some graham crackers, Hershey's Chocolate, and Wet Naps....
  5. Hello, I'm Angela, and my husband and I are Den and Assistant Den Leaders (Tigers). My husband is an Eagle Scout, and we believe in the program. We registered our 9-year old 2 years ago, and we have been moderately involved in scouting since. Our 7-year old came in this year, too, and we had the opportunity to become quite a bit more involved. We were both trained before our first den meeting (the online stuff, too), and I think we really have a handle on things. Our pack is small (but then I don't have much to compare it to) and we only have 3 Tigers (including our son), so I found t
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