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  1. What's the best course of action when a Webelos Campout is scheduled on the same day as a Pack campout? I am a Webelos Den leader and picked a date that would work for my family and my Den's families, chose a spot, made a reservation, and planned the event two months in advance. (All of my boys are very sports involved and all have games at various times and places.) Our Pack had a tentative date picked for a family Pack level campout. The date is the same for both events. The Pack event is still listed as tentative with no location (the date is less than a month away) and we had a
  2. Yes, my answer has been the same. We have had friends tell us that if we have a spot open up, they would love to be in the Den. My answer is the same, it was an agreement made between my ADL and myself upon forming a new den. So, yes if my son asked me if his buddy could join, I would say he is welcome to join Cub Scouting but that our den was full right now. Did we hand select the den? Absolutely not. We told the CM we would form a den. He sent out an e-mail to all asking if anyone would like to transfer into the new den and within 30 minutes we were at 8. Are we closed t
  3. This might already be here someone and I just haven't located it. Does anyone know when the new belt loop requirements will be released? Thanks in advance!
  4. I guess I continue to respond for the same reason you feel the need to post asking why I am posting. I was defending my character. It was my original thread, I will continue to read and reply as needed. Don't like it? Don't read it. There is no need to be snippy.
  5. Basement Dweller and all others, I am sorry for the outburst in response to BD post. Speak your mind. But I want to say this, if anyone should understand this issue, it should be you. "This weekend there was 10 boys with two adults, we had three but one fell ill and had to leave. We spent the entire event dealing with behavior issues with these two boys not listening, speaking over the presenters, just being disruptive to the group. The 8 other boys were all about what was going on so no issues. We survived the event and the boys were rude on the way back to the pick up point
  6. BasementDweller, You are right. Selfish, that's what I am. Why didn't I think of that? The hours spent at Roundtable, taking online training, attend CSLS and OWLS trainings. All because these are just things that sound like fun. Updating the tracking software and helping parents understand what is required of their boys. How dare I? Spending hours creating materials, preparing activities, and arranging fun and interesting outings, researching skits and planning service projects. Shame on me? Numerous hours spent hiking, camping, fishing, bowling, crafting, skitti
  7. On the contrary, if you look at the time of my post, it was 11:31pm and I was logging off for the night. Honestly, I thought the post would die rather quickly as it probably would not be on the top of the page and most people aren't going to scroll through all of the posts. Note too please that I said Thank you for your thoughts. That was to all that had replyed, not just to those that supported my decision with me. I wasn't trying to spark a debate and it looks as though, many people feel strongly one way or the other. I was looking for an answer. Can my Cub Master force
  8. Thank you for your thoughts. Thank you for your support. I will hold firm on this. I have always been a person to follow my gut instinct. I try my best to do what I feel is right. Maybe I will log in again and tell you how things turn out. It will be interesting. Keep on Scouting, I will do the same. Take Care.
  9. I am not pushing boys out of the pack. Come on. I was just a mom. We were in a den of 14 and it was way out of control. We branched off and my assistant leader and I agreed, as teachers, that 8 boys of this age was more than enough and that was the maximum we would allow in our den. If someone dropped out, then we would consider it open and anyone could join. This group of boys are not a clique as you would say. They met at Cub Scouts. They were formed by an e-mail going out and the first 6 people to reply were a part of the den. It just so happens that they have formed an incredi
  10. Let me add this. This group of boys that we have. They are all friends outside of scouting. They are all on the same sports teams and have similar interests. We see these people in other situations. I am also worried that new boys might feel left out because of the team spirit the boys already have. I am not looking for a fight. It just doesn't make sense to me. To add boys to a full den when you have a den that is not full. Not to mention round up and adding new scouts. What happens then? You over fill our dens and then new boys add at recruitment? That means o
  11. Adding boys would impact my wallet. Because Scouting is not free. There are always expenses involved. As a leader, I often find myself absorbing some of these. As to where else the boys will go. Well, the other leader thinks more than 8 is too many as well. She presently has 6. If you have 4 boys, that means you have 4 perfectly capable sets of parents. Not to mention we are heading into round-up time when we will be adding more scouts to the pack as it is. The reason we began a new den was to leave a group that was too large. We weren't getting anything accomplished a
  12. We have a den of very solid 8 boys. They come to everything we do and rarely does 1 miss anything. I have myself and an assistant leader. We said from the beginnging (as Wolves, when we became leaders) that we would take no more than 8 boys. That is the number we feel is manageable. Other than a boy moving and then filling his spot from another interested person who was not involved in Scouting, we have had no dropouts or additions. We are presently Bears, moving into Webelos. Our Pack presently has 3 Bear dens, ours of 8, one den of 6 and one of 5. The leader of the D
  13. I was more thinking a race, literally, for the kids. As in the Kids are the racers. Probably more along the lines of an adventure race. The need for the Y? Well, they have a massive amount of land, with all of the necessary equipment for timing. I was thinking two kids, one adult racer, or one kid and one adult teams. The Y also has a rock wall, ropes maze, canoeing area. I was thinking have some mountain biking, running, maybe canoeing, and some mystery challenges along the way. Of course, they would get nice shirts and top teams medals or trophies. My goal is to get kids exc
  14. I want to help our Pack run a fundraiser to purchase a Pinewood Derby track and timing equipment. My question is this: has anyone or does anyone know the rules about having a YMCA join in with the Pack to sponser a race (5K, biking, adventure, whatever kind of race)to benefit a Pack? It would be open to all kids in the area.
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