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  1. Thanks for all the replies. My apologies, I did a cursory search for the topic and it didn't come up or I wouldn't have asked. Just to note, there is no conflict on the scout or his parents side about this. They are not attending the ceremony. I was just curious since someone expressed surprise. Scoutfish, definitely right about the opinion thing, lol This scout and one other are not receiving AOL. This scout because he is not visiting the troops and having a SM conference and he still needs to earn one thing for Showman. The minute they would change their minds, we could have him read
  2. What do you do with a scout during the crossover ceremony whose family has chosen not to join Boy Scouts ? We do a joint AOL and Crossover ceremony. Each scout gets a career arrow whether they get the AOL plaque or not. Do all the Webelos cross the bridge as a sort of graduation ceremony? And if so and they do not have a Scoutmaster at the other end, who do they cross to? In my case, the family has requested I present his career arrow at the last den meeting and they won't be attending the ceremony. But a former leader has expressed shock that we are not having him cross the bridge.
  3. lol, that is a great game. Thanks! I will have to see if we can do it. That is so funny. I can't imagine the parents faces if you had used Baby Ruths. haha!
  4. I agree with Sasha. A key tool for a den leader to have tote bag of little things to do or use. The boys in my den love index cards for making skyscrapers. Kind of like making a house of cards. But you fold the some of the cards in half and use them to stack as high as you can. Kids really do get the kick out of the littlest things. Usually whenever I think I am doing something too corny or simple, that is the big hit of the meeting, lol! And I have to say, I am not a big fan of crafty crafts like handprint crafts. I do like crafts that make useful items. But too much of it isn't fun
  5. If you did decide to go with the Art belt loop or just the requirement for mixing colors, a fun way to do this is to take some cookies and some icing. Have the boys mix up the colors in the icing. Let them frost the cookies with their primary and secondary colors or the colors in the requirement. That is kind of messy and tasty.
  6. I am assuming you don't have a lot of time to pick up any real supplies, but I always like crafts. Especially if there was something for Blue and Gold, like placemats or centerpieces (Sorry I am B&G chair, lol). I agree a beltloop could be fun. There is the music belt loop. You could have the boys listen to 4 types of music, sing some silly songs. You could even go into some of the pin items, like making some musical instruments. And then play musical chairs and/or limbo. Or the art belt loop could be a could last minute thing to do My boys loved making armpit fudge, so
  7. I am not sure how our pack does it since last year's Webelos all received the AOL award. This year, not all the scouts are getting it in this year's Web 2 den so I will know for sure. I think what we do is that all of the Webelos 2 boys get a career arrow so that shows the journey and then the boys who get AOL get a plaque. But I guess it doesn't make sense to get an arrow when you don't do it. I'll have to ask because I know some of my boys will get it next year, but I don't think that all of my den will. I want the AOL to be a special award since I feel that the boys will really have ea
  8. 83Eagle, Our pack is small so that is why we can not do activities and the boys don't get too bored. Ours last 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours for the whole shebang. I have been trying to look up some derby themed games and am not finding a lot. There is a game on page 25 of this year's Baloo Bugle that might be interesting: http://usscouts.org/bbugle/bb1012-P.pdf You could do a cubmobile race with the boys racing some boxes around a course on one side the room. Or relays pulling wagons or something. Relays are a type of race so maybe something where the boys assembly something or dr
  9. I wish that they would drop the "Choose to Refuse" booklet from the Fitness req. of Webelos. I felt it was geared to older boys. It talks mentions date rape drugs and hard core drugs. Great for middle school by 9/10 years old... I was a little uncomfortable with it. I had a nurse come in who discussed prescription drugs and huffing which we felt were more likely to come into a fourth grade boy's life. So I wish the drug info was more revelent to that age. But I am old fashioned, so I could be wrong. I agree that the required belt loops for Activity Pins be in the handbook. I also wish
  10. We don't let our boys do other activities. They all have to watch and cheer on the other dens. We haven't had a problem as of yet since the boys have tended to like watching the races. We have considered part of sportsmanship. But I think any games that would be games you could stop as soon as they are called up would be fine. What about making something like derby car holders or some craft that would be race related? Maybe a bingo game? Instead of bingo is could be "derby". That would keep the boys quiet and not running around as much. I like the marbles idea too.
  11. Last year, I gave the boys these little whistles with compasses, thermometer, etc from Walmart in the camping section. They were less than $2 a piece. This year, I am giving them homemade cookies and little plastic collapsable cups. If my buget were bigger, then I would have loved to have given them something else camping/hiking related that is more useful. Like a hydration pack or some hiking staffs. Or headlamps. But I liked those plastic collapsable cups when I was a kid, so that's what I went with
  12. SctDad, that is hilarious. I forwarded that my comittee chair and we had a good laugh. While that is our approach when someone complains, your wording is perfect!
  13. I don't know of any whittling chip ceremonies, but could you have the CM talk of how important it is to learn knife safety and carving. And explain how the card is a type of "driver's license" for carrying a knife to cub scouts. And then mention have the parent give the card to the scout. Basically saying that this is a privlidge not just a right to carry it. I am kind of basing this on the lecture we got from the judge when I was young and got my driver's license. I still remember it.
  14. This won't help now since the dinner is over, but here is my tip for a spaghetti dinner. Pre-cook the noodles the day before. You cook them until 1-2 minutes of being ready. Drain, rinse in cook water to stop cooking and put in large baggies. Then when you are ready to cook the noodles, it takes much less time. We did spaghetti at blue and gold last year. I had a parent who was a former chef who really poo-poo-ed me doing this. But I had read that this is what restaurants do. It turns out it was good they were precooked. The large industrial pots would come to a boil, but as soo
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