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  1. I am afraid you are trying to push your children ahead too fast. I am a Webelos 1 leader well on track to have requirements for AOL by summer. They will cross over when they are due in 5th grade. I would in no way want these young boys in boy scouts with high school students who are dating and getting ready to drive. My Webelos visited a Boy Scout Troop meeting and enjoyed it. They have gone on outings with BS. I think your job as a leader is not to push through requirement but to help them grow and mature. There are so many good things to do with the boys from internet safety to
  2. We went on a ski outing and one cub scout hit another on the ski lift severe enough to bloody both his nose and mouth. The offending boy (10 years old - possible learning disability - doesn't pay attention at meetings - tries to disrupt by getting others to join in with him) is from a divorced young single parent family and the other (9 years old - bright, athletic, well rounded - and my child) is from a very -maybe overly structured family. I am fairly sure the one who was hit was correcting bad behavior (I was told the boy1 was swinging the lift - boy 2 said to stop - he didn't and someh
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