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  1. My sons teacher is going to use it with the classroom. My son is a Webelos and is in a behavior classroom at his school. There are only 7 kids (all boys) so, are PTA has granted us the money so, we may purchase the medals when the boys have completed the units. Thank you so much for this exciting oppertunity. The boys are very excited.
  2. I see alot about campgrounds and thought I would clarify. The pack has rented a church camp to use for winter camp. It is not a scout owned facility. Which does not make sense to me because we live in the foothills of the cascades and it's only a 45 min. drive to stevens pass. A great ski area with an awsome intertube hill (mountain if your hiking to the top) We do get snow in monroe as well as alot of freezing rain and lots of wind and fog. so, it is drier and clearer in that sense on the eastern side of the summit. Apparently the cub master likes this "camp" so they always do their winter camp (klondike) there. As far as scout camps go their are 4, I believe within an hour of us and we have tons of state and federal areas as well. So, this is more of questioning the integrity of the pack leaders and the example they are setting as influential adults. Personally my child is doing well in school and is in the excellerated program. however, some of our cubs are struggling in school and have learned from early on scouts comes first. So, I ask, what good is being a boy scout if you can't read ?
  3. We live in Monroe, washington which is part of the foot hills of the cascade mountains. We are not far from camping at all! THE FORREST IS OUR BACK YARD ... 1/2 hr in 3 directions gets you hundreds of trails and camping areas and a large ski resort. The passes are extremely dangerous in the winter which is why you don't normally travel them too early or too late. As far as distance goes its about a 5 hr drive through 2 passes to get to the location they want to go too. We are not attending but, there are other parents who have questioned taking their kids out so, I appreciate all of the input. This has made it alot easier on a few other parents to make their decision as well. and yes these parents just want long weekends and use scouting as their excuse.
  4. Sorry, didn't see other questions until I replied. Does your Pack schedule camping trips in the middle of the week? Or are they weekends with the expectation that Friday is taken off of school? During school they are scheduled during weekends with friday and sometimes monday being taken off. Are these camps a week long, or just 1 or 2 nights? they are usually sat and sun but require travel time getting over the passes. We live in washington state and sometimes that is not easy. Does your Pack have activities during the day, during the school week? no Your Pack does these mid-week events on the average of 6X per year? No, with the events scheduled there will be about 6 times the kids would miss a friday and/or a monday of school. So, when i look at the schedule i count 9 days of school being missed if you participate in the activities scheduled. Some activities are close enough that if you could you could drive down Sat or fri night and only miss 5 days of school. Most of the events are over the pass and require travel. As others have asked - Is your Pack mainly home schooled? No, they all attend a public elementary school in our area. hope that answeres the questions .. I did not realize how many people would respond.
  5. I am so glad I am not the only one that feels this is crazy! to answere a few questions .. No, these are not home-schooled kids they attend a public school in our area. 2.Are you sure that the camp does not start say on a Friday evening? actually it's all day Saturday! Friday and Monday are considered travel days. I asked what do we do on sunday ? I was told the kids play and we sit back and have fun. My husband says i am to research the other pack in our area.
  6. No, it is not a misunderstanding ... This pack averages 6 times a year they pull the kids for a few days at a time. Our district does have A policy regarding absences. Apparently this is a rented facility by our pack and not a BSA camp. Our winter break is 2 weeks prior to our winter camp. I do not know why they choose not to change it to match the school breaks. the district posts it's tentative calendar for the upcoming year in July. I am glad to know we are not the only parents who feel education should come first.
  7. We just recently started our son in scouts and very quickly realized that our pack feels that scouting should come first. I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion on pulling children from school to attend camp ? Our son is an excell student and there is no issue with him missing school however my husband and I feel he needs to know that school comes before scouts. I feel this is sending the wrong message and really would like to know if this is a common practice for the BSA or if this is just this packs mentality.
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