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  1. (It's nice to see everyone on this forum agree and not fighting ) I think it's fair to say some of the rules in place are just stupid. However, getting people in power to change is always difficult. Gladly, I know most parents become powerful crusaders for small causes when it their child is affected. Good Luck.
  2. Another sad part of all this is that people think this country (the USA) was found on the Christian religion. That is just plain wrong. The fore fathers thought religion should nothing have nothing to do with the goverment of this land. Some did believe in Christianity, some where Deist, others out right atheist. The First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion... Article VI, Section 3 ...no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States. Washington: "There is nothing whic
  3. Everyone on this tread has acted in a trollish manner. In my experience the biggest trolls call others troll first. Everyone Back To Your Bridges.
  4. Which Values? That they try to teach a value system based of the teachings of the Bible? Since I joined my church's scout troop. That they teach people to distance one self from and hate people who do not hold the same religous views as themselves? About the time this tread started. But since hate is not a value i have been ignoring your question(This message has been edited by DeLukas)
  5. Losing the argument means calling people names and getting out the crayons, doesn't it? Losing would imply there is some way of winning. There isn't. There are two conflicting view points and both sides feel passionately about the issue. There is no middle ground and even if there was neither side would be willing to give. As for the crayons . . . a picture says a thousand words.
  6. "Reasonable discourse is harder, pal." "Anybody that doesn't believe in god isn't a good citizen, and that if an atheist found a wallet on the ground they would pick it up, plunder the money and throw the wallet back on the ground." (This message has been edited by DeLukas)
  7. Just for fun grief linkage: http://web.morons.org/article.jsp?sectionid=1&id=2410 Edit: again, Grammar is Hard(This message has been edited by DeLukas)
  8. Rooster7, Your last response was intelligently and politely stated. I felt your original argument was poorly presented and slightly vindictive. Upon further review, my opinion of you has gone up several notches. Yea, I tend to start off a little too harsh on my first post on a topic like this. Regardless, I am in strong disagreement with your stance. Just as I do with yours. BSA was created as a character building organization. It's founders, and in all likeliness a vast majority of its members, feel that a faith in God is extremely vital to developing and maintaining
  9. The BSA will only exist if they can believe in God The BSA does not believe in anything it is an organization of people who believe in things. No one said, The Boy Scouts cant believe in God. They are simply asking why someone has to believe in God. That was a huge leap. So basically, you're saying that BSA's "belief in God" requirement is really some sort of covert policy for Christians? Thats a great conspiracy theory. It would make a great story, but no, such an idea is silly. What I was saying is, if we accept a belief in any higher power, why do we not accept belief in no h
  10. So, when Mr. Lambert or Mr. Kelly demeans a fundamental principle of Scouting - "Duty to God", I doubt that they can truly call themselves Eagle Scouts. They have as much claim to that honor, as a non-repentant Christian has for salvation. You make the assumption that I am not a Christian.
  11. It has been a long time since I got to be part of an internet flame war. However, there are always rules, regulations, procedures, by-laws, etc. everywhere and in everything. And not all of them are good or just. I'm a real Eagle Scout. For me, it is a big deal. Good for you. Want a cookie? You're not suggesting that lying is ok, are you? Oh, you think Im stupid and will fall into your trap. You want me to say, No lying is wrong. Then you say, Well he lied every time he said the oath. We will handle that in just a moment. Are you implying Mr. Lambert is
  12. During my years in scouting I came to hate most troop leaders. Why might you ask? Well things like this event and ideas shown in this thread are why. Most troop leaders care more about the letter of the law and care nothing for the boys. The leaders forget that they are there to help and teach the boys. Scouting should be about the boys, not the leaders and not the by-laws. To many scout leaders are the type of people who should never be given power over other people. They are close minded holier then thou authoritarians who are more concerned that their commands are followed then if the
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