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  1. Just an update...She has been told to stop her antics and is now on her last chance. She came to a pack function this week with stains and dog poop on her uniform shirt, completely in disarray, yelling that she was going to resign because her dog had the runs. I have, on a happier note, found a few moms that are happy to help and offered their services anytime I need a hand so I am grateful. Anyone having similar issues, just take a breath and it will get better. (This message has been edited by cubsdenleader07)
  2. You are totally right, I contacted the CM and we're going to talk about the situation so they know exactly what is going on. I was thinking the same thing, that I'm also a parent and if I wasn't the den leader, it would certainly make me upset anyways, so I'm going to do what is right. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again!
  3. I wanted to thank everyone for their quick response to my question. Everyone is really helpful here and I am really glad I found this site. I just wanted to update. I emailed one of the parents (who is very involved) and asked her to assist with some projects and brainstorm with me on things to do in the den. I am hoping this woman will basically take over the official assistants job, since anything she does will be more than what is done now. I am going to talk to the CC in private on Wednesday at the Committee Meeting on how to go about dealing with the assistant. Maybe she can tell her
  4. What do you do when your assistant den leader wont assist? I can't get her to do anything. I am a new den leader, and she offered to help. She was excited about the program but has since lost all interest, and wont help me plan anything. Last one, she forgot it was her turn to bring snack and left for half the meeting to go buy one. She sits and watches me run around setting up the den meetings and wont control her own child who is constantly screaming and into everything. I mentioned this to her and if she could maybe help out more, she said she has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and a l
  5. Hi everyone! I was a Tiger parent last year and this year I volunteered to be the Wolf den leader. So far we are having a great year, and I am very excited about the scouting program. Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning new things here.
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