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  1. My church has recently decided to start a new cub scout pack. I have talked to members of the district council and they have passed on the form for the organization to sign and stated tha we need to have a pack comittee of 5 members. Has anyone been involved with a pack startup that can give me some advice as to how to proceede with this endevor. The church as placed this in my lap since I am currently a den leader at another pack.
  2. Guys I understand its not about the "bling" however there are seveal parents that dont think that way. For my own son yup my fault for scheduling the vacrtion with checking ahead and he understands that. some parents and kids dont they dont check the information dont sign the books and then complain as to why their boys are not getting anything. Right now the major push for the "bling" is from the CM problem is that when his son gets it and others dont the parents fell we are playing favorites. Like I stated before I didnt want open a big can of worms on this I just wanted to check if
  3. Actaly it was our CM the same person who is pushing for all boys to get everything they can. So from what I have seen every boy in the den, with the exception of the CM's kid is out of luck this year. the DL and I are alredy getting pressure from the parents on what he is getting this is going to matters even worse.
  4. For the day camp our area only has 1 week that is set aside for them. So it was basically a one shot deal we do have all the pack campouts done in advance but the day camp we didnt get until april, at which point most family had already made plans. No one expected that our district week at camp would be the week after school ended. As for attending another districts camp we were told that we could only go on our districts dates. Since they call it a day camp I dont see why one of the advancement days could not be used since the guide states a day cam is from 1 to 5 days or evenings without
  5. With not easy i ment that most families planned their summer vaction or plans before our pack stated when the camp would be. For us the camp was the next week after school let out and a lot of parents left town or had other things lined up for the boys that week. If it was a cost issue we could have worked something out but I dont feel the boys should be prevented from the award because of other family commitments. I dont mean to open a can of worms on this issue, While I understand the need for this item I thought there would some gray area on this for boys who are working hard for achievment
  6. For the outdoor activity award the requirments state that the boys need to attend scout day camp or resident camp. Since attending the summer camp is not easy for most of the boys is there anything else that can be used for this? would one of the cub advancement days work?
  7. For our project we wnt to a local assited living and did a cleanup of their garden area we also put out some bird houses that we bult to give the residents something to look at.
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