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    Curious what lodge your son will be joining? In our lodge, if the weather got too bad, we would put the candidates in an open sided shelter. I really doubt your son will be allowed to create a "tent" like structure. Instead, we rolled up inside our 12 x 12 blue ground cloth. I have actually gone through the Ordeal many times and when it rain, I would just roll up in a cocoon. Because rope and stakes are not that much equipment, maybe you bring them and have him ask the people where he registers for the weekend if he can have the stakes and rope. If not, just take them home otherwise your son keeps them for the night. I am too much of a softie. I hope it doesn't rain during the night of his ordeal. The planned challenges are already memorable but, if it does rain and he has to stay outside, he may not enjoy it at the time but that memory and accomplishment will always be remembered. It seems like the tough stuff is what we remember the most in our lives. I won't forget to bring 2 flashlights when going a mile into a lava cave and having my only source of light go out and just feel the walls all the way to the entrance of the cave. Is your son excited about his Ordeal? I joined long ago in the 70's when it seemed like the Ordeal was the lodge testing the candidate. It has really improved to the point that it is clear or should be, that its the individual testing himself and if he goes into it with that attitude, I think it will be a memorable weekend, maybe not fun at the time but later when he gets his sash I can see his happy face feeling the arrow on the sash and looking down at it with pride. I hope all goes well for your son!!!! Would you let us know how it went?