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  1. Here is one definite reason! ---------------------------------------- Why would the people who I have worked with for the last seven years of my life make me ashamed of them tonight? The new pack Leaders were never told about anyone being left over from the previous pack....hence my son was forgotten. I do not blame the new people aka Leaders only those who told them there weren't anyone else from the old pack! Then tonight, I was explaining how the Committee made up of Leaders parents treasurer, decide on what the pack is doing aka a Christmas Party! At first, I was misunderstood. They believed that I was telling them we are separate from Council, Boy Scouts and other Packs! Finally, and hopefully explained it to where the leaders parents meet to decide on what the pack is doing for that month. These new people have no clue all that is done for the Pack which to say isn't their fault yet I am told not to help them Because no one wants to work with me! That is fine.....if someone would step in and help the new people. Yet my son, who has been waiting to get his awards for soon he will joining a troop heard all this. He said "Mom, they treated you like you were the dirt and they were the broom!" I never in my life felt so ashamed for what others has caused my son to feel. I tried to contact other people who are in charge and I got no where. Instead the very ones I didn't want to discuss anything with were the very ones that the Person who shall not be named sent to talk to me. I just told my son to write a letter so that I may send it to Council! Or would anyone like to give me advice since those Who are of no help have done this injustice to my son? What does a parent do or say? For this isn't what Scouting is about or I have been misled for the last seven years of my life! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Well I know in my neck of the woods we have an Executive Director. Now I have a similar situation and was informed tonight of what the current E/D has said of me to others. I was told that I am going to get the boot out of the Pack which is fine. Yet he went on to say rude ignorant things regarding my character and etc. I would like to know who I can discuss this with. Who is the E/D's superior so I can have these issues addressed. Since the problems arose, I have only asked for guidelines and where to get the answers I seek for the Troop or Pack. I never have told anyone what I personally felt when I was rudely treated and etc from certain people in the Council. I always have a good word to say about them. For instance, the E/D Mr.Smith is a nice guy; or that Mrs. Brown is great with kids and crafts. Although these same people have slandered my name to new people who are joining. Now I would appreciate it if someone could tell me who I am to contact regarding this incident. By the way, the troop is doing well. Thanks for all of your past assistance. Have a nice day.
  3. Since I have been trained as a SM and then went thru WoodBadge plus attend all of the RoundTables, I have lots of resources and information that I take back to the Troop. My troop had a Key 7 a while back and since then we have improved upon the errors we were doing. As well as having the SPL do a more active role. I am not ashamed to ask for help from anyone but if everytime in the last three or so months, I have attended RoundTable and felt that I was being questioned by the Executive Director or the Camp Commissioner( not sure if that is this person's correct title) I have felt under fire. I won't let them disband a Troop of boys that at the time when these same boys were transitioning over to Boy Scouts no other Troops wanted them. That these same Troops had boys harass and tease the boys of the Troop I am with ( which I had stopped). I will use whatever means and resources there are out there at my disposal to make this a Troop that is following the BSA guidelines and still be a good Troop in standing. I applaud all of you for your willingness to help this Troop but I believe that the E.D. and the other person should take a leaf out of your books. I have asked previously for help from these same very people yet they don't help til they think its' time to step in and do their best to disband this troop. I am not the only person who is dealing with this Troop who thinks like that. Despite all that I am willing to assist whereever is needed. My Troop is totally disillusioned with Council. Last year we asked to do the Mall Show with the assistance of the Pack. We were never told an direct answer but they gave it to others to do it without even considering our proposal. How does anyone teach leadership skills to others if those above and in charge dont or wont allow for the ones asking to do the job even if the ones asking fail it will be a good lesson. I believe that some of the people in Council are good people yet if they showed true scout spirit I ask where is it? Needless to say, I know where it is for me, in the hearts of those of you replying and assisting me with this dilemma. May you know how blessed and thankful the Troop and I are to all of you. Sincerely, Coffee Lady
  4. P.S. I don't know who the Troop Commisioner is at this point.
  5. First and foremost, Thank you all for the wonderful support! It is at Roundtable hence my nic. And its coming from the Executive Director and Camp Commisioner who backs the E.D. up. It usually is when they take me aside and talk it over. This all started because I was inquiring about the Cub Pack not the Troop. The E.D. and Camp Commisioner asked about the troop then. I had told them it was decided we weren't going this year. I didn't let them know that next year is still a possibility. My troop did go to camp despite previous camping experience at Webelos extended that was really disasterous. Last year was a disaster but not on the same level. The troop guide we had, had no idea what he was supposed to do or what we were supposed to do. As well as most of the boys at camp didn't get enough food, plus the camp staff had decided to give tests on the merit badges. EEK! like school which no boy wants. Needless to say, it was below my own expectations and the expectations of the boys. I talked last night at my Committee meeting for the Boy Scouts and told the Committee what was said. Since all of my parents are on the committee, they do know what we are doing. Now I have asked for help previously and whatever I received I take back to my troop and explain in depth what I know and to give it to them to make the Troop do better. I just feel as well as some of the other parents of the troop that certain people are going to do their best to disband this troop. These boys all have said they won't go to any other Troops in the area. Now I do hope you all understand where I am coming from and what I have been dealing with. Thank you all again for your help, ideas and support. Have a great weekend.
  6. I would appreciate a copy of that book. Please email me and I will give you the details. Thank you.
  7. I have attended every roundtable in my district for the last 5 years. I am the person who does the refreshments. LOL Anyway, the Roundtable staff makes it a point to ask others how to improve roundtables and to help leaders with problems or training that they are seeking. Sometimes one side is more interesting than the other yet it depends on who is interacting. If you are new then ask all your questions there is bound to be someone who has the answers you are seeking. I also find that this is a good way to have valuable resources for your pack or troop. If it is boring then that is a need that you should have addressed by the staff or the other leaders attending. Hence, ask questions and be patient. I love roundtables and the people in my district who are the regulars. I get some good advice and help on problems since I am a new SM. Yet however for me lately it has had its drawbacks. I am hoping to resolve this issue tomorrow. The only dumb question is the one not being asked. Besides you may not know it but maybe another leader wants to know the same thing, so ask. We play games, crafts, have a picnic once a year, and exchange gifts at Christmas roundtable. Thus we are learning what the boys feel when we do them. Which makes us all understand and do better in our leadership.
  8. Regarding Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. The basic concept of both of these organizations is to make our children aware of their duty to their community thru service, their school by interacting with other children, and their God. To make these children the future generation better by what they do in the Scouting movement. The BSA has chosen to be on one side of the proverbial fence regarding the Gay/Lesbian issue where as the Girl Scouts have chosen another. I personally have talked to all three of my children and told them just because we dont agree dont mean we exclude someone from our lives by their choice. As long as their personal choices dont affect children in any way, that is good. Each of these organizations started on one principle and that was to get our children out and off the streets and become good citizens when they are of age. This is only done with good leadership and programs. I have studied different religions all my life as a hobby. Yet I have found out that this gives me an edge. It helps me to understand and respect others religions even if i disagree. Yet I won't ever slight someone else's religion by saying my religion is better than yours because we as humans are always making mistakes and I dont want to be the person to destroy a person's faith. We all must understand that we all have opinions like belly buttons and because of it we shouldn't necessarily bicker over whatever issue we disagree but use that to learn and understand even if we actually do disagree with it. I have a saying that should help somewhat. " I dont care the color of skin, tongue you speak fluently, or what your religion is based on, just treat me like you would like to be treated and let's have a mutual respect for each other and the differences included."
  9. I have been a new SM in my son's troop. Well for the last three months everytime I attend the monthly leaders meeting, I get questioned about what I am doing and what the troop is doing. I was told tonight that if my troop doesn't go to camp then I will be replaced as SM. I only am doing the SM cause the boys had no one else. I am not doing this for adults just for the boys. These boys were doing things like cub scouts when I first started as SM now they are running the troop but Council thinks I should force these boys into doing something which they have already decided not to do this year but it is still viable for next year. Then I was told by another person that I dont listen. I went and asked and all that was said was "oh Please!" That I dont follow rules and etc. Well I will admit there was a situation that happened that hasn't repeated itself cause I told all the parents and boys what is the BSA rules on that type of thing. Since then my troop as little as it is, is progressing. We have new scouts. The boys are advancing. And they have all been following the program as set by the BSA. I have learned many things and everytime I find out something that this troop isnt doing but should be I implement it. I explain to the boys that this is how its supposed to be. They are the actual leaders of their troop not me,I am there only to assist and guide them on the BSA rules and guidelines. To make sure that they are following the BSA rules and regulations. Please tell me what I am doing wrong and if this is allowed by Council to do this to me as the SM. Thank you. You aren't helping me but the troop.
  10. Oh Thank you all! I want to clear up some things first. This troop of boys was established before I became Scoutmaster. The reason why they don't want to go to other troops is due to the fact the Leaders and boys of the other troops make them feel uncomfortable and usually the Leader asks me what do you do? How do you do whatever task your doing with them? Those are the usual two questions fired at me. I have JLT planned in the next couple of months. I have just learned of this wonderful training for the boys. I do like knowing what I am doing right and wrong especially the wrong things because it means I will learn and won't give out misleading information to the boys or parents. The parents are very supportive and helpful. Now the only thing left to do other than JLT is enlarging our troop. We are the unique troop in our area because we know what to do for the boys with special needs as well as treat them like regular boys not boys who are different in anyway. We just roll when we have to roll and rock when its needed. Basically bounce when we have to meet the boys needs. That is what I meant that the people in my Council doesn't know the needs of the boys in my troop whereas I do. I used to be their Webelos Leader. God Bless and Thank you for letting me know and reafffirming what I am doing and why. Sincerely, Coffee Lady
  11. Hi Thanks for the help and encouraging words. I am planning on having the boys in the troop do some Junior Leadership training in the next few months. I liked the idea of having the boys visit another troop. That would be great however, the troops around my area aren't that nice to us,which is being taken care of by Council. I do thank you again for the insight and help. You have made my day.
  12. I just started doing scouts with my son 6 years ago. This past January, I stepped up to be the Scoutmaster. There are several key important factors that others should be aware of: The troop is small(6);Two, of the three boys have a disorder i.e. A.D.D.;Three, the boys have no one to lead;Four, if you put the leadership fully on the boys they all want to quit. Five, the boys believe or think that I am running the meetings (if they knew that more and more they are doing it, I know that all three would quit Scouts) Now this is what I have been doing since finding out that these boys werent doing things by BSA guidelines. Started rotating Patrol Leaders every six months. Have each boy take on a smaller form of Leadership that they feel quite confident to handle. Give them ideas and let the boys decide what it is they want to do. Have them to decide what Council events they wish to participate in.Follow the 11 steps of Leadership skills to look over the program and evaluate to see what it is the Boys want to do. My question is this--what am I doing wrong?
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