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  1. I thank all responded to my first "Lost Webelos"--unfortanatly, I cannot get to page 2. However, the other side of my topic is the resposibility primarily of the Unit Commissioner in helping with this problem. Thank You
  2. I working on my on PHD in The College of Commissioner Science, the above is my topic. I am District Commissioner, Trailbazer District Mid-Amrica Council. Our Advancement Chairman provided me with a document showing fewer Webelos moving on to troops in our District. I have information this is not an isoloated thing, and has been a problem for a long time nationwide. My task is to get as much feed back from fellow Scouters as to why this happens. I have some ideas, but do not want to "lead" the answers. I would appreciate any ideas with any type of supporting statements you care to leave. I woul
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