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  1. I agree BW. We are fortunate to live in a free democracy which grants us the freedom to associate with who we choose. I personally believe that there are some that are trying to analyze the BSA policy with too many interpretations. I think the BSA policy is clear.
  2. Your friend will also be in our prayers. God Bless and best wishes.
  3. I can't believe that anyone would discourage the BSA from conducting backgroud checks. I am the chief investigtor for a sheriffs department and work child victimization crimes. It is a fact that child predators will seek out any means necessary to gain access to children. Who thinks that the Boy Scouts are excluded? I am not sure that a private company would best serve the needs of the BSA, but when you look at a national orginization this might work better. Individual states have various requirements to conduct criminal records checks. So it might be easier for a national based co
  4. Spanish Trail Scout Reservation in DeFuniak Springs, Florida has two seperate camps. Camp Euchee is a traditional Scout Camp where tents are provided at meals are served in a dining hall. Camp Jambo is a jamboree style camp where troops bring their own equipment and use patrol cooking for meals. The camp has an impressive lake that is perfect for swimming, canoeing, rowing, and sailing. The camp is close to the sugar white beaches of the gulf coast which makes it perfect for a day trip to the beach! I am the program director for the Spanish Trail Scout Reservation and would love to
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