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  1. A young man in our troop is a Life scout and is seeking to finish the merit badges to qualify for eagle. party is 16. Within last 4 months there has been sporadic meeting attendance. Boy indicates he is working at Grocery Store. However, when ever there is a ROTC function or school function he is right there. No problem. Same, applies to any camping trips, fund raisers or community service. Always, seems to have something else to do. To me this seems a lack of scout spirit and leadership. he holds posistion of Jr Asst scoutmaster. He is former Sr Patrol Leader. I know for fact employer is very leniant on scheduling hours. Boy could perform scout posistion if he really wanted too. My question to forum is this sufficient to hold him back from getting his eagle?
  2. We have a question on OA fund raising practises. We have a very weak OA district organization. Most youth run off by adult members. Recently reorganized the youth elected to do a fund raising activity to inhance the designated camporee and camping facilty within the district. The youth were told by the adults after the decision that they can hold no funds and any funds raised must be turned over to council. Council decides whether to release funds to project. Accordingly having final say on whether project is worthy. Historicaly funds raised and sent council have gone to council projects not district. Many youth wonder if effort to reorganize worth trouble. Is this the practise within other councils and nation wide. When adults asked reason for practise they state fear of funds being stolen by youth. If the youth are in Scouting what is this teaching them? or is it just a power struggle between adult and youth members? Seems unfair youth OA members cant do projects at campsites they are not allowed to run camporees or concessions which are overseen by adults in their little power niche. Is this all practise throughout other councils and is this OA rules?
  3. We operate a troop in our community that has been active in excess of 50 years. We are a boy run troop with active committee and adult guidance. We are deminishing in size due to boys eageling and graduating. The pack we feed from is not a shared sponser. Accordingly, three troops try to market their program to the upcoming webloes. We supply scouts as assistants to the dens. Please, note the other troops are adult lead from top to bottom like fiefdoms. Over last three years we have had difficulty in recruitment of the Webloes. Majority going to the other units. This year we have discovered why due to imput from the Webloe parents. Apparently, they prefer Adult run and lead programs. On top of that both adults and boys at other unit made comments that were slanderous and demeaning of our unit directly to the Webloes and their parents. Something, we would never consider in good taste doing ourselves. At our meetings parents sit outside the meeting while the Scouts run their program and/or patrol meetings. We require uniforms be worn. Other unit wears no uniforms, receives adult teaching from leaders and parents(not committee) who participate in the meeting. We feel this goes against the program of boy scouts and good leadership. Our troop is now aware of what is taking place and are hopping mad. District is aware but takes no action as they want to keep the numbers up on the number of troops in area. No effort to designate feeder packs for troops.Before active warfare begins does anybody have any recommendations on correcting problem. How do we convince parents that boy run troops are the correct manner of operation? How do we instill need in other Troop to not be making slanderous comments at recruitment time? Other scoutmaster present when statements made. We seek to give a program that adherrs to Scout guidelines and not run a babysitting service or have parents live out their youth again through their children. Any thoughts by the forum will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    if you are looking for excuses for you to wear the uniform consider this. the boys follow your example. They are less likely to wear uniform if you do not. They watch and follow your example. If they presently do not wear a uniform and your are trying to encourage them to remember in their advancements they have to show scout spirit. That is part of the spirit. will not hurt to have a committe member come in and show them how to sew own badges on. that develops even more pride. Dont let momma do it for them.
  5. Over the last 8 years we have had multiple occassions to attend Camp Daniel Boone in Canton,NC. Located, on a mountain stream and with a lake the facility and its staff are excellent. High adventure programs in abundance for older boys and merit badges in quanity well taught. Average boy in our troop comes home with 5/6 merit badges. White water rafting on the Nanatahalla river is invigorating and well handled. Food at camp excellent. everyone stays busy. Camping in raised platforms with tents/leaders use adirondacks open on front.temperatures in evening mild/take sweater. Cool under canopy of mt trees and no bugs. Contact is BSA Asheville and daniel boone council. Costs approx $150.00 each/extra on what special ideas boys want to do. Excellent llhama trek.We have seen and visited other camps this is the one you wnat.