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  1. Thank you for the kind and friendly response! My experience with the professional scouters so far has been that they are great people who are taking on a large task and doing their best to deliver a great program with very stretched resources. So I agree that getting every detail of the books and codes consistent with the big changes to Scouting after incorporating girls into the program is not always the top priority. In that sense, I certainly tend towards being a spirit of the law guy.
  2. I take it you disagree with the current BSA uniform policy then? That’s fine, but it doesn’t change the policy. From my reading of the GSUSA policy it is clear that there are few exceptions to insignia, and the Eagle Rank pin is not one of them. The ambiguity is with the BSA policy, which says Sea Scouts can wear the Gold Award on a Venturing shirt, which they don’t have. Unless I’m mistaken, and Sea Scouts use a Venturing uniform as an alternative.
  3. My daughter has earned both her Gold Award and Eagle Rank (yay!), so I was wondering if the Gold Award gets recognized anywhere. I was surprised to read in the Guide to Awards and Insignia from 2022 that Female Venturers and Sea Scouts can wear their Gold Award pin on the Venturing uniform, but there is no mention of Scouts BSA nor of wearing it on the Sea Scout uniform. One could interpret this as an oversight that hasn’t been updated properly, or as something that has an intent and considers the Scouts BSA uniform differently.
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