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  1. Hi jcole12, Please send me a PM to get my email. By the way, are you aware of any records/pictures of Chin-Be-Gota from back in the 60's. Shame, I worked their for 3 years and not one picture. Thanks much.
  2. Having worked on staff at Chin-Be-Gota 62-64 can anyone tell me the outcome of two of the most memorable men that I knew at the time: Camp director Pete Klienpaste and Rich Johnson?
  3. Hi, I saw your post, (mine is July 2015) sounds likely that I may have known your brother. As you can see from my post, I was on Staff in early 60's. I was on the aquatics staff, in the evening I cleaned the latrines and sprayed the campsites with DDT to rid the mosquitoes. Like to hear back
  4. I haven't back to this site in a number of years but something back in my head told me to check it out again. I was in Troop 16 from Marywood from 1960-1965. Having moved to Marywood from Plano I was invited to join the local troop by a couple of local scouts. Unknown to me at the time, Troop 16 was sponsored by the local Catholic church. I was the only and first non Catholic member. I was lucky to have been selected to work on staff at Chin-Be-Gota from 1961-1963. As many of you know, it was a life altering experience. I managed to locate my old Scout master, Bob Forsell a few years before he died. I'm so grateful I could. He was the "difference" in my growing up years. As were Pete Klienpaste and Rich Johnson. Can anyone give me details where these men might be or what happened to them? I would like to pass on my appreciation to them or at least tell any relatives their influence on me as a boy. Also like to hear from any of my old Troop 16 members or camp staff.
  5. I was in troop 16, Marywood during the 60's. Had the pleasure of serving on Chin-Be-Gota campstaff 62-64. Can anyone tell me the whereabouts of Pete Klienpaste or Rich Johnson? Thanks
  6. I was active in Troop 16, Marywood IL in the early to mid 60's. I worked on staff at Chin-Be-Gota scout camp during three of these years. I wonder if anyone can tell me of the current where abouts of the Camp Director during this time, Pete Klienpaste?
  7. I worked on the aquatic staff teaching swimming and lifesaving. You might remember the guy that use to drive the jeep around every night spraying the campsites for mosquitoes, that was me.
  8. I recently came accross this forum and immedially was interested in the topic of Chin-Be-Gota. I worked on the camp staff durning "62-64". I have some items from the camp and many stories if anyone out there is interested.
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