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  1. From what I've been told they are almost impossible to get. I'd get on it immediately. You might need to call multiple ScoutShops at this point. If you find one I'd pay for it so that you have it when needed.
  2. I don't want to know for Council really, more for National. I know there are a few who I know. One of them I took with my son to the LNTT course. But, really, I want to know the grand total. And no one seems to know that. At least the Hornaday (not any more) award folks kept track of their awards.
  3. Just found another article that says "less than 1000" and I'm trying to contact the SM of the Troop to see where that number came from. https://hickoryrecord.com/news/local/scout-earns-medal-for-outdoor-achievement/article_16f1f956-72f6-11ec-b073-bf8dd94680d5.html Article was posted 2/12/22 so it's recent. Just don't know how reliable the info is. I contacted the Gulf Breeze and the person who wrote the piece is retired and the person who got the email basically said Good Luck. So, this most recent article may be the info we need. If you need it this week, it might be th
  4. DrKate I asked at our local ScoutShop (whose manager is CC of my son's Troop) and he was not able to give me a number. One of our past Council staff now works for National. She was not able to answer. The only numbers I was ever able to find was from quite a while ago. An article in 2016 said there were about 300 who had earned it. news.gulfbreezenews.com/articles/scout-is-an-adventurer/ Then in 05/18/18 "making him one of 370 world-wide achievers." https://news.gulfbreezenews.com/articles/scout-is-an-adventurer/ I have no idea how these folks got a hold of numbers. If you ca
  5. As an update to an old topic, I purchased a NOAA medal that our Scout Shop had to have sent from another store. I was told it is discontinued. Someone came after I had asked them to get it for me and they were not able to source another one. This was the week of 3/22/22. I have asked how many have been awarded and have not been able to get an answer.
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