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  1. I am by no means a Bible scholar and I can't quote a specific scripture to direct you to regarding what I am about to say. However, I am reminded of the story of God saying that if one righteous person can be found in Sodom and Gamorrah (please forgive my spelling), he will not destroy that city. My stance is that I am very, very familiar with the scouting core values. I live my life according to them because they are good standards to live by. Scouting is almost like a place of refuge. Parents put their unruly children in the scout program to learn morality because those doctrines are pu
  2. @5thGenTexanYou don't realize it but you just gave me the "lightbulb moment" solution to my problem. All these years, I have gone from pack to pack serving in leadership roles and operating under the adverse culture they have established. In most cases, there are no rules, everyone just doing things their own personal way and the scout way is a nuisance to them. So....I have made a decision.. I need to start my own pack. I have been wanting to do that for years and I have the time and the money to invest in that plan. After I press submit to this post, I will start googling how to start
  3. @skeptic I was looking at my front door to see if you would bang on it and tell me to suck it sugarbritches (that is a joke, ok). To be honest, I am an extremist. I have been told all my life that I look like a cat because of my eyes, and I know how I respond when I get backed into a corner. That is why I am constantly emphasizing the possibility of violence (on my part as well) as the solution to this situation. It's funny you presented the HOA scenario because just last night I was watching youtube videos about neighbors getting revenge on each other and in many of those situations, viol
  4. All of your input is well-received by me even if my jelly-fish like skin can feel the sting a little. @skeptic I truly understand where you are coming from. Please just bend a little and know that everyone does not possess the ability to stand up to a "bully" and be ready for the unknown consequences. Unless the victim is just as aggressive, someone will have to bear the wounds. What disturbs me, though, is that I do have an expectation of intervention. I am very much aware of all these BSA rules placed upon leaders where accountability is the cloud we live under. Leaders know that any a
  5. Thank you so much for that. It was very inspiring. And you are spot on in your description of my demeanor.
  6. I thank all of you for your input. It was very helpful. Admittedly, I did not share the whole story because it was too lengthy to go into detail. Please just know that I have indeed exercised all levels of intervention...Committee Chair, DE, and, of course, National. I am a non-violent person and I live a high state of morality that I pass on to my scouts. The one thing that was missed in all of your comments is the presence of adult bullying. However petty to most (because they are not directly affected by it) it is still damaging. All of the bullying programs in society deals with chi
  7. I present this discussion with tears in my eyes as I accept the fate of my future with my beloved Cub Scouts. I am a victim of abuse from a parent who has had such a strong hold on our pack that she has scared everyone into accepting her behavior or we all, adults and scouts, will suffer her wrath. I have taken this situation to the highest level I can go to which is the direct attention of Mr. Randall Stephenson, President of the BSA, and still I receive no support. I have read several discussions on this forum that address the bad behavior of adult parents in scouting environments but I h
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