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  1. I'll give you a good example in my mind, of the disconnect with reality. Happening right here, right now, on this very forum. Apparently, the post response I made to the erroneous Bill Gates photo was removed? How can a group like yours move forward and claim to be about decency and humanity, when a sitting board member of the BSA is a war criminal? Robert Gates has blood on his hands. The blood of innocents. Do the innocent dead in Iraq mean nothing to the person that removed my reply? EVERYTHING going wrong with our country today, is a direct result of this lie that took us to war and took s
  2. "My only defense of the BSA, in terms of their actions in bankruptcy, is that bankruptcy is a horrible way to address child sex abuse liability." To me, it isn't about the venue so much as it is about the coverup and denial, which in of itself allowed for the sexual abuse of boys to continue.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate that and acknowledge your life experience as well. Peace.
  4. Speaking as a victim of Boy Scout sexual abuse, and a hold out debtor in the bankruptcy proceedings, I would gladly take ZERO dollars in compensation for what I went through, if it meant the BSA dissolves and is never allowed to reform as it currently exists. And for the national leaders to be held accountable for what they did and continue to do to survivors of their organizations rampant sexual abuse over time, of children under their care. Asking for only one sexual abuse survivor on their board that has so many members on it is just more proof that the people running the national office ar
  5. Sounds like wishful thinking, trying to keep a failed organization afloat. One that has caused irreparable harm to myself and thousands of other men. This proceeding has been like being raped all over again. Specifically because of the actions of the BSA itself, their insurers and these lawyers as well, paying lip service to what we went through, while greedily exploiting us for their own gain. In my opinion, the organization is fascistic and it's founder was a rabid woman hater and possible pedophile himself. I could regale you with the story of my life after the abuse, how if affected me and
  6. Sir, I find your comments juvenile, vile and disgusting. You certainly disgrace the few decent people I have personally spoke with who are still trying to defend the organization as being still worth-while, in light of all that has happened in regard to rampant sexual abuse by Scouting leaders for decades. Tim has been on my side for almost ten years, as I waited for some modicum of justice, after being sexually abused by three of my adult Scouting leaders but finding myself outside of "the law" (limitations stats) and it's inability to hold my abusers accountable for their crimes. I went to
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