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  1. And this is the crux of the issue. I attended Finland's national jamboree last summer, and it was a sad moment when I realized it was cheaper for me to fly over to Finland, attend the jambo (as a participant--Rover age), and fly back than attend our own after transportation costs. Their fee was only about $400. Toss in $1000 for flights and $100 for incidentals and you're only a couple hundred above the registration fee alone for ours. Plus, you know, you get to go to Finland. Heck, just this week I got back from the 1st Africa Rover Moot in Kenya, all in I was about $1600. Also, $1200 fo
  2. Rumor has it anyways that come September the 72-hour rule is going out the window and everyone who wishes to camp overnight must complete YPT. Idk if the same rules are going to apply between cub scouts and SBSA though.
  3. Welp I guess this is the comment to finally bring me out from the lurker caves. Besides just being straight-up sexist (this is 2023, we should be beyond this), barring men without kids wouldn't just (unjustly) exclude plenty of terrific volunteers, including myself, it would simply kill scouting. I recently took a job as a DE in my council, and after going around meeting all the units and leaders, let me tell you 95% of units are surviving off the veteran volunteers that have been around for a while. They all say the same thing. They'd love to have some parent volunteers, but the fac
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