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  1. Thanks. I've put out so many requests that I'm beginning to lose track of who I've asked already. But I don't think I've asked over there yet. I do have an account with them I think. Thank you, Kirk
  2. Help me find a book! I'm looking for an original 1910 U.S. Boy Scouts "Master at Arms" merit badge handbook. I've already found and republished the 1926 edition but that is a much later edition and it's British. The U.S. BSA "Master at Arms" badge was discontinued almost immediately, in 1911. I'm trying to source an original copy, both for my personal research and to pursue my hobby of republishing antique manuals and making the high-quality PDF available for free. If you're a BSA collector (or a book collector) and have a copy, please, contact me. If you're not willing to part with your
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