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  1. Thanks for the honest opinions everyone! We're slowly getting back into camping, etc. now that COVID restrictions are loosening up! My little guy has been anxious to be a Scout like his big brother, and his two older sisters (13 and 10) are American Heritage Girls, so he's been around some sort of scouting program all his life. I considered waiting for Wolf, but he's so excited that I ended up buying his Lion book (and the leader's book,) to look through it and he anxious to get started. Guess we'll have to see how it goes and perhaps supplement with family activities if needed. Someh
  2. I came here to get some honest opinions on the new Cub program, because what I was reading on scoutmaster.org seemed...odd. My eldest was a Cub and is now an Eagle, but my youngest is getting ready to join the program as a Lion this fall. I was the Den Leader for all 5 years for my eldest, and he'd crossed over before the program changed. But from what I've read so far, I can believe this is true. My son got bored 13 years ago. We'll probably attend a few Den meetings and such but I'm wondering if he should just wait until Webelos or Scouts to start, rather than having him bored.
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