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  1. I use the LifeStraw Personal water filter and am very pleased with it, The water has no added taste and I have not gotten sick during or after drinking filtered water from this device.
  2. I recommend Brita plastic water filter bottle. I really like this filtered water bottle much more than the regular Brita water bottle. The water tastes good and is easily drawn through a straw.
  3. After a while I used it again because i have a short trip and i am not sure about the country where i go. The filter still works very well.
  4. I used LifeStraw LSFX01GB01, I took this backpack on a trip to PA It's very light, easy to use and eco-friendly. I had a hard time getting it to work initially. You have to use pistons for things to work out. The water came out slowly and I filled a bag with 3 bottles of water and still had water left to use after dinner. I was shocked to see how well it filters! I scooped the water from the cistern and once it was filtered, it tasted so good!
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