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  1. I am thinking of joining Venturing, but I haven't finished 8th grade yet because my parents held me back in Kindergarten. I am just starting 8th grade now. I am 14, and I am already in Scouts with my Star rank. I just haven't been active for a while. Is it possible for me to still join Venturing even though I haven't finished 8th grade?
  2. I haven't been active in Scouting for about six months because I don't like the SM of the troop. We live in a small town and there aren't many choices for joining another troop without driving like 40 miles round trip. I'm 14, so it isn't like I can drive myself. We are moving to another state in January and I want to get back into Scouting and earn my Eagle. When I find a new troop in my new city, what records do I have to have to transfer all my stuff? I don't want to lose anything since I am almost a Life Scout even now (all I need is my BoR and my SMC). Will the new troop contact my
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