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  1. This is true, but language, as much as fashion or culture, continually evolves. I don't know about you, but I don't run around town wearing a frock jacket and a tri-corn hat, nor do I wear knickers and spats (the height of fashion during BP's day). Just like fashion, the meaning of words can and do change over time, and we naturally shed words that have become obsolete or offensive. There is nothing wrong with that at all. The BSA is over 100 years old, and in order for it to survive as an organization, it has had to continually reinvent itself for every new generation, and will conti
  2. I would like to wade into this discussion and throw in my two cents here:I I spent the 90s in scouting as a youth and am now involved in scouting as an adult for my children. My personal experience was that the scoutmaster existed because we needed one on the paperwork. We had a council of adults, scoutmaster included who facilitated for us, but the whole of their council was greater than the sum of the parts. I would personally advocate that we refer to adult scouters as guides. The implication being that this is the youth's adventure, while the adults role is to prov
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