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  1. I still do not understand why units or individuals can't solicit funds. Because the units don't see the money that the council receives. Also, the people that have been having problems are like DE's an such.
  2. Why exactly, can individuals or units not solicit funds to pay for stuff? Because the local councils, and national organization do it all the time, and don't give that money back to the units to use.
  3. I tried to solicit funds to purchase new color guard equipment for my unit, and the council had a problem with it. I asked national for a grant, and they said they don't give grants to individual units, I asked my council for a grant, and they said they wouldn't give me the money basically because they didn't feel like it was important. How the heck are we supposed to get the funds for this kind of stuff. because setting up fundraisers for anything in my council is a pain because they always want their "fair" share instead of letting the units have it. It is the dumbest thing ever. Like if I w
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