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  1. Yes I have taken the online courses for Advisor, Bd of Review, and Committe. Browsed some of the Training for Ventures.  I have broached the idea with some of the older boys and got vocal Yeah's.  I'm weary of approaching the executives as I have Wood badge coming up next Month and I don't want to over extend myself.  Or set expectations I am not Prepared to yet meet.  Perhaps that could be the drive of the 5 goals for my ticket.  We shall see.

  2. As a former First Sergeant in the Army I think Uniform Regs are important.  Even if dont understand why an Eagle cannot show his continued commitment as an adult (someone explain this to me).  I have attached the sea shells to my class b troop sweatshirt. I think of it now as a campaign coin... not a medal.  A kind informal commendation Soldiers hold dear but have no official meaning.

  3. Wow.  I had this convo.  Was told red the new color.  Those epulates not blue.  Green shoulder loops I guess.12 yo scout.  I'm only trying to be the best for my boy and help young people go grow strong.

  4. I wish my son was as into it as I am.  Magnetic is good. As a former Army 1SG uniformity is important to me.  Magnetic name tapes cool for dress situations.  Where can I purchase sew ons?

  5. Just got my uniform back from cleaners.  Sewed my patches on.  Is the pin on name tag required.  I much prefer a sew on.  Camping, carrying, back packing that pin on is bound to get torn off or lost.

  6. When I graduated from the Scoutmaster specific Training Course i was given a leather throng with 2 sea shells that appears similar to the Wood Badge Beads they are awarded.  Does anybody know how or when this is worn? Must I be in a scoutmaster role to wear it?  Or does just having graduated allow me to wear it?

  7. I see this is an old topic but it has helped me so I will respond to future noobs.  I was appointed as Committee Member Feb 2019.  I just bought my uniform today.  June 2019.  Why the delay.  I had to see what my responsibilities were before I decided to what level I could commit.  If I had been told I needed to buy a uniform be an active leader up front I would have said no.  Some committee members are parents that want to support thier children's scouting ambitions and decudectovtake on additional responsibilities to support the troop.  Fantastic for them!  The troop needs them and appreciates thier level of commitment.  Clearly my Scoutmaster a fellow Army vet could see that I would drink the coolaid and become a more active uniformed member.  I even feel like he is the seasoned NCO and I am the wet behind the ears Lieutenant pestering him with my constant enthusiasm and Ideas.  And yes I even think that during a board of  review a board member in a civilian suit is one more mental preparation for that child at his first job interview which for some could be as soon as 14 years old.

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  8. Hi everyone.  I am completing my first year as an Scout Parent,  about 6 mos as an adult volunteer and Comittee member.  I hope to get a lot of knowledge from you guys.

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