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  1. DoxManDude

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm learning. 😊
  2. DoxManDude

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    Nor in our Troop. The SM and ASMs are not on committee. Scoutmaster corps and committee are separate. So, Ive done the SM training but Im not an ASM. Im on committee.
  3. DoxManDude

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    Committee, Advancement Chair. I did complete my Scoutmaster training and I would like to be ASM and the troop needs a deeper bench but they need me on Committee too. Troop is not huge, 15 guys on a good night.
  4. I'm new to Scouting but I'm reading the literature and reading forums such as this one. Sounds best to let the boys run the program, okay. But I'm also a believer in active participation. I make observations and I have ideas. So should I sit by the door and keep my mouth shut? Numerous examples... The meetings are full and chaotic and then a game starts. Signing off on requirements gets sidelined. Advancement is sluggish, but not because the guys aren't ready. We could create some space for signing off requirements. Should I keep my mouth shut? We live in an area with an abundance of natural beauty. The native plants are awesome and I know all about them and I love them. But the Scout leaders don't know that a day hike to go observe native plants is an option. So I piped up and suggested it, got five guys, we went out and did it. Plus I told them they could now teach it to their fellow Scouts so I've seeded them as teachers. We had a great day out, they loved it and learned it and got a requirement signed off. Should I have kept my mouth shut? I could go on. We have no unit t-shirt. We could have a unit t-shirt. Other units have t-shirts. Let's have a unit t-shirt. Do I keep my mouth shut? National Trails Day is coming up, we could go help build a trail, would be great service hours, fun, hard labor in the outdoors. Do I keep my mouth shut? They keep playing the same game over and over. Its bound to get stale and there are lots of other games. Mouth shut? Please advise.