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  1. It is humbling to paddle with alligators! It is warming up here and they are starting to move around, I hope you guys see a few. The main thing is to not entice them with food, and if we are fishing we don't run stringers (a string through the gills that keep fish alive in the water). It probably won't do much to reassure your former SM, but the gators are not aggressive at all. We have many sightings, but we have zero encounters...big difference! Thank you for having me!
  2. Hey Mark! This is Skip Andaya, the Program Director for Swamp Base. I hope all is well! I believe we have spoken recently, and we are looking forward to having your Troop for a visit soon! I thought I might use this as an opportunity to speak about our Weekend Trips. Primitive camping is free, and tents work best. There are a few trees for hammock campers, but they are inaccessible. A bathroom facility is available, but there is no potable water on site. The Houseboats are an amazing experience! We use an outside provider, and he has 5 houseboats that can be linked togeth
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