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  1. 1. A campsite is no substitute for a building in a storm. https://www.poconorecord.com/article/20060616/NEWS/606160363 2. As to "safe space" and terms like "politically correct" being somehow a sign of weakness, that's an overreaction. A Scout is courteous and kind. That's all these things are about. Just be kind to people, whoever they are.
  2. They should have become Venturers. They can still be active youth in the OA.
  3. It's on my.scouting. if it's not current, they should have taken it down.
  4. Reporting back ... I reviewed the Ride Along training for Explorer advisors on my.scouting over the weekend. It is about 25 minutes. In this video two scenarios were presented. One with a law enforcement officer and one with an EMT. According to this training module, youth Explorers are permitted to ride along, one-on-one, with an adult from the agency. The ride along must be done with an adult who is approved by the agency to serve as a mentor (or I would call them a field training officer) specifically to mentor Explorers. I plan to recommend to our Post's sponsoring organization to adopt this training as a requirement for agency personnel to be approved for Explorer ride alongs. In addition, our state regulations also require that age 16 and 17 EMTs must partner with another ambulance crew member who is at least 21.
  5. Check out Post 53 in Darien CT! Their program is quite old and well developed, but their Post exclusively covers EMS for the entire town and operates three ambulances. According to their website, they just received three new donated ambulances! They are the subject of a documentary, High School 9-1-1. Check out the trailer and show this next time someone tells you kids can't do anything!
  6. ...Penn State. Thanks for pointing me to the Ride Along training. I didn't look under the Law Enforcement Exploring section before. I am also on my way to a national EMS conference this weekend and am presenting on engaging youth to improve emergency services volunteerism on Sunday. Explorers is one opportunity that I am recommending to complement the more generic "junior" EMS and fire membership categories that organizations have. In Pennsylvania, the Senate Resolution 6 Commission that just recently issued their report on solving emergency services' problems included recommendations on engaging students. They mentioned Exploring once. I am looking at trying to use Exploring as a model for recruiting and retaining community volunteers, but ... these strapped agencies have to be able to commit to something feasible. Mark
  7. Yes. Our council has a school based LFL program but never an Explorer program like this. It's new territory for everyone, including the LFL director.
  8. I am working on starting a new EMS Explorer Post. Since the Exploring program uses the same YPT and the Guide to Safe Scouting (GTSS), I am looking for ideas on how to be compliant with this program. In my state, students can become certified as EMTs at age 16 and are permitted to run on ambulances at that age as long as there is a 21+ year old adult crew member with them (state regs). How would an Explorer program be compliant with the GTSS while Explorers are on the ambulance? It is not feasible to have every staff member of the ambulance company become registered leaders. Ambulances in the sponsoring organization are typically staffed with two EMTs (age 18+) and the Explorer would be a third crew member until s/he turns 18 and and become a full crew member. GTSS: "Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities..." How do I sell this to the sponsoring organization? I can't have three extra people on the ambulances. There would be no room for the patient. GTSS: Re. restrooms - "The buddy system should be used." Do we need a buddy to accompany a 19 year old to pee when they are in the station? 😆 Srsly? I understand the need for youth protection (I used to own a house 150 yards from Jerry Sandusky's, we're both members of the same church, etc. No, I didn't know. But everyone one around here is hypersensitive, especially local BSA.). Thanks for ideas on policy. Mark
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